06 Sep

Sexual frustration is a real problem in today's world, people might say that its superficial or surface level but if you dig down enough you will relaize that isn't true. It isn't a good way of looking at things that are affecting your life. WHen you look at problems like these which are very emotion based a lot of the times its always sexual frustration that is at the core of it all. This can make people depressed and result in lonliness and feel like having a lack of connection. Human beings are social animals but you probably already know that. Being sexually close to another human being is the main aspect of being in a relationships. When this sexual connection with your significant other is lost it can lead to frustration.

There's this metaphor used in the psychology industry called the iceberg metaphor. What this is that if you look at an iceberg you will notice that most of an iceberg's mass actully lies below the surface and people simply cannot see it. Same is the case with emotions. A person's negative emotions such as anger or hate have a connection to a deeper emotion such as fear, low sense of self esteem or pain. Sexual frustration can also be a deep emotion which can trigger negative emotions.

The time during which people don't get to sleep with people of opposite sex are called as dry spells. During such times men and women have insatiable lust and thirst and its often said that they can sleep with absolutely anything to let go off the thirst. In the internet era this has become very easy. You can see how men and women are open to the idea of meeting strangers to vent off the sexual dry spells.

Here's my advice for men, Treat the woman in your life with respect and try to admire their existance. Don't do it simply because you are lusting for sex do it because that's how you want to be treated as well. Do this everything not only during the times when you want to get laid.

Its beyond question that sexual life is a mutually fulfilling good in our lives its a form of communication. The more you have it the better you get at it even the bad times train you and prepare you for the good times.

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